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fantastic cello finger guide
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Fantastic Cello Finger Guide for Full (4/4) Size Cello

Fantastic Finger Guides LLC
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Created and patented by an orchestra teacher (Patent # 10504378). Designed specifically to streamline the process of learning how to play the cello. Proven in the classroom for the last three years to work better than finger tapes.

Includes one cello decal with all chromatic notes on fingerboard, sharp/flat direction indicator and position indicator on the side of the neck.

cello finger guide finger placement cello positions

Peel it, place it and start playing: Easy install - takes less than 30 seconds, stays in place and when removed it leaves no residue.

cello finger guide installation

    Simple design includes patented easy to read 2 color/3 shape design. TRIANGLES = OPEN STRINGS, SQUARES = NATURAL NOTES, BLUE OVALS = SHARP/FLAT NOTES. Easier to understand than tapes. Just the right amount of information for beginner players to build their confidence. Works with all method books.
      cello fingerboard chart explanation
      Have a musical day!!