Goodbye Finger Tapes, HELLO Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides!

Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides were designed by an orchestra teacher for beginning orchestra programs.  Our music learning system helps beginning orchestras do so much more than is possible with finger tapes, stars, or dots. With the D Major Beginner Guide, students can learn Hot Cross Buns on their FIRST day of class!

Transform Your Orchestra Program with FFG For Schools


1. Easy to Install

Spend less time installing and more time playing. Watch as I demonstrate how fast I am able to install the violin guide.

2. Intuitive design

Our finger guides offer so much more musical information at each students fingertips than the traditional finger tapes. Your students will move through the music learning with more ease and success.

3.simple to order

Designed by a busy orchestra teacher for busy orchestra teachers, our order process and pricing is straight forward and school budget friendly.



Installation is quick and easy. It will save you hours each school year compared to adding individual tapes and dots. Finger Guides come off easily and don't leave sticky residue or damage your instrument.


Intuitive design with just the right amount of musical information.

  • Triangles = Open Strings, Squares = Fingered Notes
  • Finger Number Trainer on side of neck helps beginners learn their finger numbers while in guitar position.
  • D Major scale at student’s fingertips gives students the tools to start playing songs on day one.


Proven in the classroom to

  • Increase retention and reduce yearly attrition.
  • Free up more time to focus on the proper setup, musicianship, and technique.
  • Make connections to music note reading with more ease.

We Can Outfit Your Entire Orchestra!

How Much Is This Going to Cost My Orchestra Program?

Being a current Orchestra Teacher - I COMPLETELY understand the challenges with budgets for your orchestra program. 

I designed the FFG For Schools program with your budget and beginning of the year stress in mind. Even though replacing Bass strings is much more expensive than replacing a Violin strings - We've made EACH instrument guide the exact same price of $6.00 so you can mix and match to suit your Orchestra's needs.

The ordering process is simple and straight forward. Either the school pays with school purchase order or we can EASILY set up a custom portal for families to pay. For both options it is still $6 per guide!

Why The Same Price For All Finger Guides?

• Easier to calculate cost for program

• Easier to talk with Admin, PTO, Parents and Students

• Everyone pays the same amount in your program

High Value - Low Cost

• Supports ELL and SPED students

• Increase retention & reduce attrition rate

• The whole orchestra builds a musical language together

• Focus more on musicianship, dynamics, set up, bow hand, fingering hand and simply play more songs

How do I order/purchase guides?

School Pays -  School Purchase Order  


Families Pay - Online Pop-Up Orchestra Store (Demo)

Fill out our Online Pop-Up Orchestra survey today to set up your custom school portal.

• Simple process

• No money to collect

• As soon as all students have paid or the school PO Is approved we ship directly to your school

what orchestra teachers are saying

"The current version of your finger guides really saved us this year and we plan to continue using your products post-‘rona!"

Sarah Sproul, Orchestra Director

Shadow Ridge Middle School

Haslet, TX

"The finger guides have been very helpful during our online teaching. Students are able to look at the fingerboard and know exactly what string to play and where to place their finger. I can tell a huge difference between those with the decal compared to those with old fashioned tape. I made sure that only 6th graders received instruments with the guides on them. Overall, I love them. The students with the decals are picking up on things much faster than those without.”

Brian Incheck, Orchestra Director

Potomac Middle School

Dumfries, VA

“I’ve had some success with my cellist and bassist become more accurate and comfortable with their instrument when it comes to fingering and shifting...It also has been a huge help with my ESL and Student with learning disabilities keep up with the rest of the students in the classes...I feel they are a great option for all students.”

Joseph De Chiaro, Orchestra Director

Dallas Ranch Middle School & Diablo Vista Elementary

Antioch, CA

“So much success with the finger guides!! They have been MASSIVELY helpful for our kiddos that are remote. And, because they are so dang easy to put on, we were able to apply them quickly and accurately in our “drive thru” setup in the beginning. We’ve found them to be really accurate – more accurate than the way we had done in years prior with the skinny auto striping tape... We’ve gotten into the minor, extended, diminished finger patterns recently with our beginners and the visual of being able to SEE the actual note name made these concepts easier to grasp. Like, with F natural, they can see that F natural is physically in between E and F# in a way they couldn’t when there were just black tapes. Transitioning to the G, C, E strings has been easy as well. Even without the squares, we’ve just told the kids that they just move their fingertips “across the street” and it’s been no issue...


Next year (2021-2022), we’d like to put a finger guide in each kid’s supply kit, having the parent pay the cost rather than our program...we are sold on your product!!"

Michelle Bell, Orchestra Director

Wilson Middle School

Haslet, TX 

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum number guides I need to order to participate in the FFG For Schools program?

We ask that you order at least 10 finger guides as minimum. This allows us to more easily provide FFG For Schools at an affordable prices and stay profitable. Orders below 10 finger guides will be charged a $5 shipping and handling fee.

What is the maximum number of finger guides I can order?

To ensure all programs can benefit from our program, please limit 1 finger guide per student per order. This allows us to serve the most amount of schools and not stock out of product. We plan to be around year after year and so there is no need to stock up. In addition the bulk order program is available year round. Finger guides are not for resale.

What if I need to exchange sizes or return some of the finger guides?

Simply communicate your needs and we will do our best to accommodate. Since the FFG for Schools program is in its first year, we are still creating the policies that help everyone succeed.

Which finger guide do you recommend for orchestra programs: D Major Beginner Guide or All Notes Intermediate Guide?

We recommend the D Major Beginner Guide for your very beginners. As they gain confidence in playing and begin working in different keys I would then transition to the Intermediate All Notes Guide. In my own orchestra, after their second or third concert we remove the D Major Guide and we play with no guide for about a month or so to help increase awareness of how to play in tune without a finger guide. As we start moving into different keys and introduce sharps and flats I introduce the Intermediate All Notes Guide. By the end of year two the Intermediate All Notes Guide is removed. I have found the students are able to visualize the guide and that it is not necessary beyond their 2nd year of middle school orchestra.

What are the options for payment?

You can pay using a school purchase orderor we can create an online pop-up orchestra store. We leave the store open for a couple of weeks for families to pay with credit card. As soon as all orders are in, we ship the finger guides to your school. In both cases you never have to handle cash, checks, or hassle with the money.

Why did you choose a price of $6 per guide no matter the size or instrument?

Over the years I have always been frustrated with the imbalance in cost to play violin, viola, cello and bass. For example when students or teachers need to buy new strings, the violinist will pay $20 to $30 but the bass and cello players are paying $60 to $150 for strings. I figured that since I own the business and I am also an orchestra teacher I could simplify and equalize the cost. Each program is different and we want every orchestra program to have the flexibility to succeed. $6 per guide no matter the size or instrument. However if you come to me and want to order 40 bass guides and nothing else, we will need to discuss your needs in more detail:)

What if my program can’t afford the finger guides?

We suggest first to see if you can find the resources in your own school community. Consider reaching out to your administrator, PTO or a supportive donor in your community. In addition, we can provide a web portal for your families to pay Fantastic Finger Guides directly with a credit card. For a beginning class of 20 students your cost would be $120 at $6 per guide no matter the instruments and sizes. See if you can find the resources within your community.

If you exhaust all efforts with no success, reach out to us. We will do our best to work within your budget and support your orchestra program. 

We want to offer our product to as many schools as possible. The Fantastic Finger Guides have a very high cost to benefit ratio. They are an excellent tool to go deeper into musical learning and help all students succeed. I have a lot of SPed and ELL students in my program and I have found that they can more easily stay with the group with the Fantastic Finger Guides. Your students will grow musically smarter than they would with finger tapes and retain more students will sign up year after year. Your program will grow. They are worth the investment.

Have questions or just want to talk with the inventor and fellow orchestra teacher? E-mail