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How easy is it to install the Fantastic Finger Guides?

Way faster to install than finger tapes. The violin and viola guides go on in less than 15 seconds. There are video instructions. Even a parent can install the finger guides.

Does it leave a sticky residue upon removal?

The Fantastic Finger Guides use a low tact adhesive and leave no sticky residue. I tested over 30 vinyl materials over a years time in my own classroom until I found the current material that does not less a mess upon removal.

How accurate are the Fantastic Finger Guides?

We have tested the Fantastic Finger Guides on a lot of instruments to find the best location possible for pitch accuracy. With that said the finger guides will not teach your students to play in tune. To play in tune students will need to use their ears more than their eyes and eventually remove the finger guide and just rely on their ears.

Have more questions?

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