Goodbye Finger Tapes, HELLO Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides!

Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides were designed by an orchestra teacher for beginning orchestra programs.  Our music learning system helps beginning orchestras do so much more than is possible with finger tapes, stars, or dots. With the D Major Beginner Guide, students can learn Hot Cross Buns on their FIRST day of class!

Claim Your FREE Sample D Major Beginner Guide and Bulk Rate Pricing for the 2021-2022 School Year!



Installation is quick and easy. It will save you hours each school year compared to adding individual tapes and dots. Finger Guides come off easily and don't leave sticky residue or damage your instrument.


Intuitive design with just the right amount of musical information.

  • Triangles = Open Strings, Squares = Fingered Notes
  • Finger Number Trainer on side of neck helps beginners learn their finger numbers while in guitar position.
  • D Major scale at student’s fingertips gives students the tools to start playing songs on day one.


Proven in the classroom to

  • Increase retention and reduce yearly attrition.
  • Free up more time to focus on the proper setup, musicianship, and technique.
  • Make connections to music note reading with more ease.

We can outfit your ENTIRE Orchestra in ALL Sizes!


Fantastic Finger Guides For Schools was designed to provide a way for orchestra programs across the nation to easily order Fantastic Finger Guides for their entire program with very little effort and cost to the program.

"As an orchestra teacher I have designed a program that will work for all school orchestras across the country. One with ease of participation for teachers, students and parents."
Toby Weston, Inventor of the Fantastic Finger Guides

what orchestra teachers are saying

“So much success with the finger guides!! They have been MASSIVELY helpful for our kiddos that are remote. And, because they are so dang easy to put on, we were able to apply them quickly and accurately in our “drive thru” setup in the beginning. We’ve found them to be really accurate – more accurate than the way we had done in years prior with the skinny auto striping tape... We’ve gotten into the minor, extended, diminished finger patterns recently with our beginners and the visual of being able to SEE the actual note name made these concepts easier to grasp. Like, with F natural, they can see that F natural is physically in between E and F# in a way they couldn’t when there were just black tapes. Transitioning to the G, C, E strings has been easy as well. Even without the squares, we’ve just told the kids that they just move their fingertips “across the street” and it’s been no issue...


Next year (2021-2022), we’d like to put a finger guide in each kid’s supply kit, having the parent pay the cost rather than our program...we are sold on your product!!"

Michelle Bell, Orchestra Director

Wilson Middle School

Haslet, TX 

"The finger guides have been very helpful during our online teaching. Students are able to look at the fingerboard and know exactly what string to play and where to place their finger. I can tell a huge difference between those with the decal compared to those with old fashioned tape. I made sure that only 6th graders received instruments with the guides on them. Overall, I love them. The students with the decals are picking up on things much faster than those without.”

Brian Incheck, Orchestra Director

Potomac Middle School

Dumfries, VA

“I’ve had some success with my cellist and bassist become more accurate and comfortable with their instrument when it comes to fingering and shifting...It also has been a huge help with my ESL and Student with learning disabilities keep up with the rest of the students in the classes...I feel they are a great option for all students.”

Joseph De Chiaro, Orchestra Director

Dallas Ranch Middle School & Diablo Vista Elementary

Antioch, CA

"The current version of your finger guides really saved us this year and we plan to continue using your products post-‘rona!"

Sarah Sproul, Orchestra Director

Shadow Ridge Middle School

Haslet, TX

Have questions or just want to talk with the inventor and fellow orchestra teacher? E-mail