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Toby Weston

Inventor & Orchestra Teacher

Welcome to Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides

Thanks for reading my postcard and following the link to my website! I am super excited to share with you more information about Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides.  I have been successfully using the finger guides the last 3 years with my own middle school orchestra program. In December 2019 I started selling them online and have received great response from both students and teachers.  I am now ready to share them with orchestra programs across the country through the first ever FFG for Schools Bulk Order Program.

Background on the making of the FFG

I invented the Fantastic Finger Guides back in the Fall of 2017 for my own middle school orchestra program. I wondered if there was a better way to teach than with finger tapes. After 10 years of teaching music I realized that finger tapes just don't provide any actual musical information for the students and are overall a very abstract teaching tool. I searched for a better teaching aid and couldn't find anything. I ended up over 3 years developing, testing and patenting a figure guide solution that truly streamlines the music learning process in the orchestra classroom.

Find out for yourself if they are truly FANTASTIC!

I invite you to try out Weston's Fantastic Finger Guides for yourself. Complete the contact information below to receive your 2 FREE Fantastic Finger Guides and next steps for participating in the FFG for Schools Bulk Order Program. Don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at toby@fantasticfingerguides.com or simply call me at ‪1 (971) 772-0909‬.