We Are Open For Business!!!

Thank you for celebrating our grand opening for Fantastic Finger Guides this December 24th, 2019. We are now open for business. The website is live. Whew! What a lot work to get to this point. It is a great feeling that not only will the Fantastic Finger Guides help out my middle school orchestra students become successful musicians, but now they will be shared with the entire world.

This has been a long journey from the first prototype of the Fantastic Finger Guide back in Fall 2017 to selling our first 3 guides this Christmas Day. We hope to offer the best experience possible to all who visit our website.

For those new to Fantastic Finger Guides, let me give you a brief introduction. My name is Toby Weston. I am a middle school orchestra teacher and inventor. On my 10th year of teaching I realized that finger tapes didn't work very well for teaching beginners how to play the violin. I looked for a better alternative and couldn't find anything and so I created a finger guide that had all the information I wanted my students to have at their finger tips. My invention worked so well with the students, I figured it would help other beginners out. I am now sharing the Fantastic Finger Guides with the rest of the world.

I am looking forward to an amazing adventure helping beginners around the world get started on their musical journey.

Stay tuned for more details as begin the process of sharing Fantastic Finger Guides.

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