Weston's Violin Fantastic Finger Installation Guide

Installing your Fantastic Finger Guide

Simply peel it, place it and start playing. Watch me install a Fantastic Finger Guide on a violin.

Here are step by step written on how to install your Fantastic Finger Guide. 

  1. Verify that the size of your instrument and the size of the guide match. A 1/2 size violin should have a 1/2 size guide.

  2. Tune your instrument and lay it on a flat surface that is waist height.

  3. Peel your Fantastic Finger Guide off of the sticker paper following the colored outline of the guide.

    Peeling Weston's Fantastic Finger Guide
  4. Slide the guide under the strings near the bridge. Then rotate the guide so the triangles are facing towards the scroll of the instrument. 

    Slide the Fantastic Finger Guide under the strings
    Rotate Fantastic Finger Guide so that triangles face scroll
  5. Hold the wings up and slide up until the top of the guide is touching the nut of the instrument.

    Slide Fantastic Finger Guide up until it touches the nut of the instrument
  6. Center the triangles at the top and squares at the bottom under the strings. 

For the D Major Beginner Finger Guide align the D & A triangles under the 2 middle strings of the violin. These are the D and A strings.
D Major Beginner Decal Front View
For the A Major Beginner Finger Guide align the A & E triangles under the 2 highest strings. These are the A and E strings.
A Major Fantastic Finger Guide Front View
7. Gently lay the correctly aligned decal onto the top of the fingerboard. This is a good time to check the notes for accuracy by plucking a few while pressing your thumb on the notes. From my experience, almost always the note locations line up accurately. If you the notes are off, this would be the time to either adjust the whole decal towards the bridge or take the decal off and trim a little of the triangles with scissors in order to move it towards the scroll.
8.  Press down on the top of the finger guide with your thumb and smooth out any bubbles.
Press down on the top of the Fantastic Finger Guide
        9. Wrap the side wings around the neck.
Wrap the Fantastic Finger Guide around the neck of the instrument.

If you need to adjust the Fantastic Finger Guide, do so in the first 30 minutes. Once it sets, it will not adjust without cracking the ink on the decal.

Congratulations you are now ready to play. Check out the getting started tutorials for learning how to play the violin.