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Note reading flashcards for Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass by string

Beginner: D major scale flashcards by string.

Most method books for beginning orchestra start the beginning students on the D & A string for violin, viola and cello and the D, A & G string for the bass. Use these flashcards to more more easily learn your notes in the key of D major.

 Instrument D A G


bass d string notes bass a string note flashcards upright bass g string note flashcards
cello d string notes
cello a string notes flashcards
Viola viola d string notes viola a string notes flashcards
violin d string note flashcards
violin a string notes flashcards

Intermediate: Natural notes by open string

Use these flash cards by instrument and string to learn your notes. The fastest way to learn to read notes is by learning the notes by each string. Once you have learned the notes on each string, then click on the link "All Notes" to practice all of the notes.

Instrument  C G D A E

Bass All Notes

Cello All Notes

Viola All Notes

Violin All Notes