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  • The Five Best Online Resources for Learning Guitar

    Whether you're a novice or you’re on your way to becoming a professional player, chances are from that time to time you need a little help learning the guitar. The guitar is a very popular instrument because you can learn so much so quickly online — with or without the help of a teacher. Because there are so many self-taught guitarists in the world, there are a lot of resources available to people who want to learn the guitar. We've collected five of the very best resources for people wanting to play the guitar, expand their skill-set, or take what they learned in lessons to the next level.
  • How to Measure Your Instrument for Finger Guide

    When you’re learning to master your stringed instrument, turn to a finger guide. What is a Finger Guide? A finger guide is a small vinyl sticker that is placed under the strings on your violin, viola, guitar, or cello that helps you master your knowledge of the strings on your instrument.
  • We've Launched FFG 4 Schools!

    Official Launch of the FFG for Schools Bulk Order Program june 20, 2021 Share: Orchestra teachers now have a better alternative to...
  • What is so FANTASTIC about our violin finger guides?

    What is so FANTASTIC about our violin finger guides? August 15, 2021 Share: I have learned from teaching ...

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  • Check out this wonderful resource rich blog for violinists!

    Check out this wonderful resource rich blog for violinist! sept. 1, 2021 Share: I am constantly on the look out for new ideas to bring...
  • Which Fantastic Finger Guide is best for me?

    Which Fantastic Finger Guide should I choose? I get asked this question quite a bit. Here is a brief overview of each finger guide.
  • We Are Open For Business!!!

    Thank you for celebrating our grand opening for Fantastic Finger Guides this December 24th, 2019. We are now open for business. The website is live...